Isolation amplifiers for norm signals and customer specified

isolation amplifier

Here are our  isolation amplifiers series  made for the 3-way galvanic isolation resp. amplification of unipolar or bipolar norm signals 0…10 V, 0…20 mA, 4…20 mA and customer specified form 0 up to 5A or 0 up to 400V. With different  linearity 0,01% to 0,5% and cut of frequencys fom 10Hz up to 20kHz. Power supply 24V or universal from 20...253V ac/dc.

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Optocoupler modules for rail mounting


The optocoupler modules  are made for the galvanic isolation and / or amplification of digital signals with 5V TTL or 24V HTL signals to 500kHz. They are suitable for mounting on cap rail

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Signal converter, level shifter, pulse prolongation

sevel shifter

The signal amplifiers and level shifters of  have been developed for the converting of digital signals from 5V (TTL) to 24V (HTL) / RS422 or for amplifying from 24V (HTL) to 24V (HTL), they are processing frequencies up to 1Mhz.

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Analog - frequency converter, frequency - analog converter, frequency devider

frequency to analog converter

The analog / frequency converter  are used to converting norm signals into a linear frequency up to 100kHz

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Limit monitor, differential limit monitor, dual limit monitor

limit monitor

The limit monitor series are for monitoring DC voltages form 10mV up to 200V.

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Temperature measuring transducers for PT100 / PT1000 and thermocoupletype


temperature measuring transducer

Temperature measuring with PT100, PT200, PT500, PT1000 and thermocouples of the type J,K,R,S,T,E,B,N and the converting to analog norm signals are possible with this amplifiers

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Analog switches aktiv, passiv and , small signal relays with gold clad contacts

analog switches

The active analog switches  are suitable for wear-free switching of analog or digital signals up to 150Vdc.

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Wire breakage monitoring, short-circuit-line monitoring

wire breakage monitoring

The devices of the wire breakage detector series have been developed for monitoring of both driven as well as non driven consumer wires. The proper condition of the wire is signaled through a plus switching malfunction message output, which in case of failure or loss of voltage switches off (closed current circuit).The intact measuring circuit is signaled by a LED in the front panel.

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Proportional amplifier, set point integrator, strain gauge amplifier

strain gauge amplifier

The proportional amplifiers  series have been developed for controlling valves, clutches, brakes, hysteresis brakes and similar inductive loads up to 6A

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Set point devices

set point device

Set point devices such as potentiometers, voltage an current generators.

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Power supply, DC-DC converter

power supply

The power supply series is designed to power our components. It is possible to power up to 10 of our modules

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